In which the poet attempts to create a poem by describing certain curious idiosyncratic features of its work—boy is it work—such attempts being by nature rather hermetic, rather unapproachable to the unfamiliar reader being in this case 99.9% of all readers—even this sarcastic guess being somewhat overly generous—what percent of the world of readers is a dozen?
Rather this attempt to create a vocabulary will hopefully engender phrases of interest if not quality thereby enacting a transaction, not of language but of focus—the entirely hypothetical reader attempting not so much to learn about the poems, but instead focusing on these new phrases of interest as starting points of a new conversation or set of considerations, expanding out from the original intent to unthought heights, spurred by the personal as objective spark powering new thoughts, thoughts about the world that receive their color and their content from the internal specificity of the listeners mind and experience. Thus not only does the reader become co-creator of these new projections, they are also minions, enacting a function, completing the work. Dark, formal, comedic, pre-ordained, unprovoked—the work is formally lurching and rather formless @ least on a grammatic or no on a sensible level--@ least during the first composition and first read thru—these experiences being analogous. Upon further reading and through obsessive editing, a shape and a sense is found whereby the work expresses itself and then works to best embody those expressions in an optimal form so that the first order of importance is generation according to a principle which can be as simple and dumb as feeling. Things are spotting, garbled, ‘wrong’, b/c this is often how life plays out in experience, also b/c the writers knowledge of writing comes foremost through doing and only secondly through engagement with a canon or a community. Not for nothing did the writer spend first year post-college living in the woods. Therefore much time is spent puzzling out a chain that most likely has already occurred and is most likely discussed already somewhere else more clear.  But this shall be as a strength unto me. And so puzzling becomes a vaunted feature. Embraced, not downplayed. 

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