Tydrus pt.2

When he had grown,

completed his training,

Tydrus went to his uncle

who secured him a boat

and stocked it well so

that none could say

it lacked for men or weapons or larder

sent Tydrus out, of his leave

to gain fortune and increase the worth

of the value of his name

“So that it will spread,” said Uncle,

“to your cousins, my sons

and your brothers and your uncles.

They will be seated better at feasts

wherever they are in the world.

That is the value of worth,” said his Uncle.

“How can words travel so far so fast?” asked Tydrus

“Some of my people are far flung across the world.”

Uncle laughed. “You will see.”

and Tydrus did

travelled up the seacoast to the ice

down to the edge of the sand land

where they make black men

and out to the deep, nothing but water.

He saw and heard so many things

all through the veil of uncle’s laughter

and laughed himself, once he knew

as fast as ships travel

tongues travel faster.


This is the first in a series of poems being written about the young 'hero' Tydrus, a big strong lad with a stroppy chin. Who is he? What does he do? Want? Is he a hero or a lover? Can he be both?

Tydrus comes from far away, what is he doing in America? What does he think of America? It's hard to tell, these ancient heros are so hard to read.


Tydrus watches Jersey Shore

Thinking of Savannah.

He must get to her. She is lost

to him he knows.

Does not want to hear does not know

his mind.

He is the ocean she is across,

she is Leda and he watches Zeus.

This is so wrong.

So perfect, the Jersey Shore,

Vinnie calls Angelina a dirty hamster.

T.V. world distracts, confuses Tydrus

Flys in the face of symmetry. Felt good

recognizing the symmetry

The symmetry as a level to be entered,

an ever -present level,

so so

Wonderous or no, no

Tydrus realized,

to conjure no by thinking. No, that’s not it.

(Apt to getting carried


Tydrus’ thoughts break.)

Angelina throws water on Vinnie.

(A new show called ‘My Generation,’ debut on ABC.

MTV would like it

were Tydrus to say

the Jersey Shore could also be called that?)

“You left a tampon on the ground.”

“You’re a dirtbag and your penis should fall off because you’re disgusting.

I’m a single girl, I do want I want. Just shut the fuck up get out of my face.”

Tydrus sits and watches Jersey Shore and thinks

to return to Savannah as soon as he can.

but didn’t have enough treasure to return chin firm,

to pay off the boat his uncle had loaned him.

Vinnie and Paulie D met two rare roses,

wife types at the clubs last night.

Called them first thing

during their morning phone jam.

Both girls acquiesced to dinner at a little restaurant.

Spent the day together

getting their hair buzzed buying new clothes,

nice clothes.

Talked to the camera.


Girls you didn’t just bang but spent time with.

Wined and dined and got to know,

took home to meet your parents.

Lo and behold,

both got stood up.

They were so sad.

It was sweet. And so dumb.

And didn’t Tydrus pine for Savannah? Was he big, strong?

A tan monkey?

‘I look retarded, I got a hair cut,

flowers, made a reservation.’

The symmetry is arbitrary, not wonderous


The old people say that stale beer is the best moss fertilizer. This remnant, this piece of a lost total system of knowledge, is our best consolation in this world. Similarly, this poem, which was discovered through a process of digital randomization(throwing darts at a computer) on top of a mountain(blindfolded on a heap of clothes) is a picture of a near-by world that makes sense but not to us. And why not? And who are you? Such attempts to become lost are now the only mynifesto's yet to be written. Also it has to do with clothes! And I hate to tell you this but those pants are not flattering.


You amount fear me.

A worm, some trashy dark time.

Spends time to toke on time

deep suck

a red

dark trash can.

That’s how fucked up my man can be.

Used to be talented.

Caught up some sort of strange loop.

No plan or concept

so wonderful yet deep

can be accessed unless he gets fucked up.

We salute that man

reveals a secret moon.

That’s what Timey told me at school.

When we get down we just feel.

We don’t know.

Maybe we shouldn’t get fucked up.

Timey told me wet was a death,

Faucet we let run.

You thought about wet.

That time process.

Only way forward through? Yes

that’s assumed.

Time, burden of an angel.

We’ve become

European Son.

Steed through

heavens of dust.

Story a wolf about where does that come from?

Formerly sleep.

We fuck

to clear you.

Background of a large turtle.

Three legged dog three legged man.

Ohh baby

we thought beefheart could save me.

We thought C.A. could save me.

Cat Power could have saved me

though we have to go all-time way down.

Root of wet.

Don’t want to be cornered.

Not even heaven. Beyond

that sphere now. We’re around a boy.

Time a flute as he to time.

Sage brush yet walks daddy.


This poem is an excerpt from the original free write of what eventually became "Children Part 2" which is available in the archives...for that larger version it felt necessary to cut this stuff, however it's not to bad on its own...highlighting thus the tensions of editing.

spinning in dark

all three

leave this room

live their lives

forget or not

and fight

battles, make moves

as sinders, blown

by heat out of the barrel

fire to flutter down onto Bingo’s

jeans ‘ooch ooch ooch’

drinking jungle joose

Serial Poem : Uncle Out of His Depth's Home Made Scripture Hour

And the people who fell therein came from a…Hailed those of…as came there

Hailing the standard as it passed… …the lattice of rows…harkening

to… the mixture of colors…of the banners …the standards being reformed…thereby

…to be parted…and this being thus…the cause of the assemblage… and lo

every man of them trembled … foreknowing in their bones…

that…and the lord resolved herself to chasten them of their iniquity…

of the seer who rose to… as if from great distances … speaking full on

through ... the heat of the day, and the quick of them made as to break

from the midst... greeted at the edge by

the dead, lying as they had fallen … and the seer perceived them

despite their being at the far edge of the gathering,

a gathering of all the tribes, filling the valley there called … since…

and the seer spoke to them direct, in a low voice,

saying beware yon corpses oh faithful ones,

do not touch them so as to dress them

or dig so as to bury them, for they are

hateful to your Lord, they are to be

as a warning, forever.

(And the seer did not say this aloud, but her mind was troubled by a buzzing,

‘generations of generations from now the poses of those dead will be holy yoga

to the idolatrous ...(and she knew ... as much as she was shown

so much more was hidden, ... the warp and weave of the lord oppressed her

as hot, a tangled bramble) (and later … she understood that even this

was something shown to her))

And the quick of them turned down their eyes where they stood

came back into the assembly

amazement spread through the crowd, the proof of the lord

in her voice that had been heard and bade

from so far off though she but whispered…


This strange manuscript first crossed the desk of Butchered Switch in a sealed envelope discovered in the back of a knock-off version of a 1942 Encycolpedia Britannica. It appears to be some strange cross of ancient nordic and contemporary Spanish dialects infused with traces of a mystery language the clues of which were provided in a partial key which unfortunately disintegrated a few minutes after coming into contact with the air. The poem bears the inscription "L." and the best of our analysts have inferred that is some form of a Love Ode.

Tiat thitian titenian


fnd enth

logual tylkl woths wothbauo

wopuo o soosh guouo your;

ay ouo dsop uowls ut sogudle

tyd soso eyd soas ut cuyo

sulkr soek theough

slej oid je

lfsoph ejs so paoskeh sobiet

yhe osubn fhelsk dyt

apc rysahz



sokjt helsh shwejs

fojsh ahgyo ytelso



ajodthle ah tuo buytho ah

pauos heos thes you

gyo lewjros poufd jtheo jsof uot


fouto er hous

glekth o oa suoe kethle el sood

upa ethe oaus ejtlhel hsel enq

pep o sulsthel shl fa yao uteh

aoe namens ahou peyos dent

pouq poes houo ahhite wuoj-aulp

theap yosu jalmtlh

oteo ruald mpupase osou.

Thelso uthe sloutje lat

Meop usda notho esht

Tosu shou tosu.

Hosul thap pou thap.

shuogh tmmtho ug

apout rheoaus choudtl


ahad socut tklajlek thapuq

ljpa suwald cse thlah telhs

sle asooock epah thel opsjuca sle

asjt tdha sutl the

sle appspse. Htne mse

hatough iu istjt ipig ejsp

dnso tutse haewid saoc pau’v


jotug ewspa bougr apao

bouis dnarnto s sfuso