Slightly outdated news aggregate poem

Trump's out   His extreme political certificate of live birth  Manufactured eww test could not fail to bury forever  

RUSH:  Yeah  

raises questions as well as friends  When the first Talking birth commenter Bogart don to question  web of unanswered questions  


If the President was honest independents has proved useful to Choice consumers  Refer to Bogart as released by Bogart  Choice consumers  If the national news story Bogart Is Not President, president Bogart has been a huge disappointment  

RUSH:  Yeah, yeah, yeah

The birth certificates run hundreds of articles  overall desperate 40% of the nation’s be is not conservatism   So here's Choice consumers dream my birth controversy A New York Times opportunity  Bogart was born in the United political wing launched disapproval  a core component release released document argued that the document was White House  
CALLER:  Hey, Rush   It's gonna hurt Apple

The media frenzy, period   The past couple of years questioning Bogart’s President  Bogart’s that presidential  Bogart   The “birther o Bogart   Birth was announced local  Why Bogart finally

 Love the smoke disaster   

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