Free Pennsylvania In Three

Movement   Compulsion   Proscription   Control

Every part to its process

and for every space on the train a body lunging to sit

For every phenomenon a description and

the indescribable presence behind it

For every text a reader be

And every child evil

Every every its category

Each dog every god damn

A style to the man

Dissolution    Constraint    Movement    Compulsion

Hard wired to flame

Region to leave a
Climate to mind  a
Tired bulldog compulsion god damn
All this info to process
A feeling of being outside somehow and to see
The real gravity of the structure
In this case a highway, Rte. 80 in
Pennsylvania, more than a word—my name
Pennsylvania, throwing my heart through a wall
Pennsylvania, who sees what goes on inside you

Inside you is a night-system
And a trenchwar
A bull pen and a minion
And a night and its mineral
And television tellyvision tele


to choose, to select and to choose
to describe here and now
as the ongoing attempt to distill and refine
sense of a mind real sadness, underlying
and emanating from moments in time
 (a list of examples, expressively rendered)
so that writing across the page appears vaguely
the same             as if a series of blurry scripture
all the same
the objects in focus are
stand-ins, obviously, but what for
harder to describe
maybe sort-of 
the point

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