The Daily Battle

the daily battles routine overriding the thought of thoughts
you pay you don’t earn, don’t deserve horseshit you can’t explain
overriding the routine and to feel through careful prayer
so much complaining just such an inevitable horseshit course of mind
the presence of the small chip in the brain called crux beyond
that clear minute, whereby spit not spat who wants/does not
which begins life so if so not living yet living not life so
the cycle spins open to provide a juice
what want wants is to stray you all of, shedding cells and
as cud to chew the pain of privilege never stops
clothes and phones and crying in the bathroom in the kitchen
 self that rends removed sphere from both pain and privilege
of the restaurant and puking and having to get it all together and get
that newspaper demarcates me
out there and eat and talk and that feeling named dread is real and
close as credit no refund or…purchase only consequence, get
close as consequence of purchase no refund only store credit get
and feeling that dread and talk and eat out there that name is real
me out of these terms so onerous that newspaper scares me demarcates
got restaurant puking and having to get it all
both privilege and pain as spheres removed from the self that reads
bathroom in the kitchen crying in the phone
and never stops yet the pain of privilege as a cud to chew
cells shedding you all is to stray and wants want what
provides a juice that when the cycle spins to open for a
so life yet not living if so living so which life begins
minute does not want to be spat whereby it becomes clear that
brain beyond crux the small presence called beyond
the course of mind complaining is just so much horseshit so much
prayer through the routine overriding the careful feel
horseshit if you can’t explain you don’t deserve if you don’t earn you can’t pay

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