Digital Freewrite.1

Getting off track in all respects traditionally traditionally convolutes the story as content
Being a focus in time Variable the time perhaps the length to consider word valueless
the off and the on
distinction loosens
its clarity
the story will not adhere any longer silent in its bow and
and there were c


Will be a word bank and ‘paper’ in kilobytes
Lurking below to stir all surfaces however miss
Of a page made to eyes through Microsoft
And the white-black look operatic embued with
Wail of chosen to spin through bandwidth
Downloading music files from the internet

Wherever this wherever that you speak of it
Well, all your instincts tell you to climb out  as fast as you can in real time

Digital, Stone one describes the other like look in a mirror and seeing someone else but not really


Where is it all going

  Petty merchant words just keep folding and tidy
Naming prices but not able to be talking like was
The paint on the walls tan or did a convo occur
Bout walls that could be painted or are ore a
Be a way that is not that way some doors are
And others way narrow

Is supposed to function?

I don’t know.

A correlative?

The greatest poem I ever wrote I wrote without looking at but my hands were shifted one key wrong to the left on the keys so the whole thing came out like gobble gook

But decipherable so patient though my lord

I don’t know a thing about them

Bt I know there they are

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