Subway Writing

to turn and cook the meat we got married
after a week new start new life

i woke up and i was 35 only the poor are glad
to be alive youth culture
hip vulture Lars the strongman downing whiskey
he burps and laughs you'd never guess
that he was sixty the hobo
is not homeless
he plays rhumba on the subway all day for change
a culture warrior in a spurned war when will fortune turn

the page made mistakes  it was not over
when it was full i was not
serious when i called you
fool forgive me
let us drive through the clouds
with the radio turning changing jumping strangely
enough is enough is strangely enough

the cat feels pensive paused over its water bowl
sound in the hall a shadow in the mirror
I did not see who it was but no impression has been clearer
it was a failure kicking around playing at being a demon
you know its that season that flavor that taste of
sawdust kicked up on a bar floor swept up out of a corner
the cat died where I lay and cried but
the demon came back for more to understand

go back and cross out every fifth word
if that does not work close your eyes spin three times
tape paper to your forehead and look in the mirror
the subtle transfer occurred with out being seen
see an order had been activated
called dynamics and harmony of aesthetics and action
a stage and a play and it revealed the magic
as  god were looking over your shoulder looking with you and

as if a circus had arisen on the street as if wind
blows through a sheet and we release
our kundalini by breathing right
and minding our manners and making sensible purchases
and raising kids and watching what we eat
the taste is both sour and sweet
the treat is to be free and run no more after any one thing
and even to die creates no fear in no man

we've gone as far as we can which is eighth avenue
for certain new yorkers the fulcrum of the universe
and here we parted and sighed and our sighs rose
and we rose on our toes and our lips shook hands openly soonishly
your hair rose when the train passed it hung there twirling.

'His palpable is tiredness'

Those work is based on an encounter i had that revealed my position in the power hierarchy: it was a simple encounter, me trying to squeeze past a waiter in a hallway.

His palpable is tiredness
A wall with no middle,
Lock with no hole

Eyes in another universe
We can only see past
Each other even though we nod

Hello, this hallway is narrowing
So we have to slow dance past
One another even as he heads

With his bucket to the latrine
I am leaving this karmic omlette
Resides in reptile eyes

That though we are innocent
We are none of us clean
At least not me, I feel so

Dirty, what did I did
eat garbage 
dwink gasowine

Subject Index pt.1

Subject Index
this is the title of a new sequence of process poems taking the subject index of a marketing textbook's subject index as the inspiration.


Forecasts potential territories
Sales branches
Sales era
Sales force
Compensating culturally diverse computer

Performance evaluation
Recruitment and selection
Size of training offices
Salespersons sales promotion(s)
Methods opportunities and limitations in
Soft drink trade sampling

Satellite television service scanning environmental
Decision making scrambled scripts
Search seasonal products data
Distortion and
Consumer buying behavior

Selective self-interest
Self-regulatory program seller
Selling personal selling agents
Sentence-completion tests
Service(s) characteristic of classification of exchange of marketing of nature and characteristics of organizational buyers sexual harassment

Shopping centers
Shopping products
Short-range single-line
Single-source variable site locations
Situational factors and situation analysis
Social activism social class behavior
And purchasing as philosophy

Defense issues in ethics impact proactive strategy

Soft drinks special-event
Willingness of images store specific storyboard
For straight alliances competitive
corporate strategy stratified subculture
Under the guise of matching
In sales courts
in sweepstakes