This strange manuscript first crossed the desk of Butchered Switch in a sealed envelope discovered in the back of a knock-off version of a 1942 Encycolpedia Britannica. It appears to be some strange cross of ancient nordic and contemporary Spanish dialects infused with traces of a mystery language the clues of which were provided in a partial key which unfortunately disintegrated a few minutes after coming into contact with the air. The poem bears the inscription "L." and the best of our analysts have inferred that is some form of a Love Ode.

Tiat thitian titenian


fnd enth

logual tylkl woths wothbauo

wopuo o soosh guouo your;

ay ouo dsop uowls ut sogudle

tyd soso eyd soas ut cuyo

sulkr soek theough

slej oid je

lfsoph ejs so paoskeh sobiet

yhe osubn fhelsk dyt

apc rysahz



sokjt helsh shwejs

fojsh ahgyo ytelso



ajodthle ah tuo buytho ah

pauos heos thes you

gyo lewjros poufd jtheo jsof uot


fouto er hous

glekth o oa suoe kethle el sood

upa ethe oaus ejtlhel hsel enq

pep o sulsthel shl fa yao uteh

aoe namens ahou peyos dent

pouq poes houo ahhite wuoj-aulp

theap yosu jalmtlh

oteo ruald mpupase osou.

Thelso uthe sloutje lat

Meop usda notho esht

Tosu shou tosu.

Hosul thap pou thap.

shuogh tmmtho ug

apout rheoaus choudtl


ahad socut tklajlek thapuq

ljpa suwald cse thlah telhs

sle asooock epah thel opsjuca sle

asjt tdha sutl the

sle appspse. Htne mse

hatough iu istjt ipig ejsp

dnso tutse haewid saoc pau’v


jotug ewspa bougr apao

bouis dnarnto s sfuso


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