Serial Poem : Uncle Out of His Depth's Home Made Scripture Hour

And the people who fell therein came from a…Hailed those of…as came there

Hailing the standard as it passed… …the lattice of rows…harkening

to… the mixture of colors…of the banners …the standards being reformed…thereby

…to be parted…and this being thus…the cause of the assemblage… and lo

every man of them trembled … foreknowing in their bones…

that…and the lord resolved herself to chasten them of their iniquity…

of the seer who rose to… as if from great distances … speaking full on

through ... the heat of the day, and the quick of them made as to break

from the midst... greeted at the edge by

the dead, lying as they had fallen … and the seer perceived them

despite their being at the far edge of the gathering,

a gathering of all the tribes, filling the valley there called … since…

and the seer spoke to them direct, in a low voice,

saying beware yon corpses oh faithful ones,

do not touch them so as to dress them

or dig so as to bury them, for they are

hateful to your Lord, they are to be

as a warning, forever.

(And the seer did not say this aloud, but her mind was troubled by a buzzing,

‘generations of generations from now the poses of those dead will be holy yoga

to the idolatrous ...(and she knew ... as much as she was shown

so much more was hidden, ... the warp and weave of the lord oppressed her

as hot, a tangled bramble) (and later … she understood that even this

was something shown to her))

And the quick of them turned down their eyes where they stood

came back into the assembly

amazement spread through the crowd, the proof of the lord

in her voice that had been heard and bade

from so far off though she but whispered…

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