Steven King and Jorge Louis Borges walk into a Bar...

The gentle darkness, Law

and Order,

this vision

claims identification


the high

upward swing, traj-Ej

election. not a high five

all summer no-disease

Logic rush

to day’s Fest

of the dead and

the damned



the regulars

the apple i-pod


Ma damn shopping

“purrsistence is my friend,”--A says

to O, “Addicted

to observation…

and to smoking fat joints,” A also observes.

“Time to work, “ says O, as if in response

O’hara, so



w/out gender.

in my fantasy

this lonesome rode a bucking bridge

fell and rose fell

and rose…

…. …

slim bugs

fingers flutter the pages

of books

that have never been,

can never be, hands

warm hands

antique divan

an lit room


as can be,

Mirror stands, heaves rock through the Person.

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