Tydrus pt.2

When he had grown,

completed his training,

Tydrus went to his uncle

who secured him a boat

and stocked it well so

that none could say

it lacked for men or weapons or larder

sent Tydrus out, of his leave

to gain fortune and increase the worth

of the value of his name

“So that it will spread,” said Uncle,

“to your cousins, my sons

and your brothers and your uncles.

They will be seated better at feasts

wherever they are in the world.

That is the value of worth,” said his Uncle.

“How can words travel so far so fast?” asked Tydrus

“Some of my people are far flung across the world.”

Uncle laughed. “You will see.”

and Tydrus did

travelled up the seacoast to the ice

down to the edge of the sand land

where they make black men

and out to the deep, nothing but water.

He saw and heard so many things

all through the veil of uncle’s laughter

and laughed himself, once he knew

as fast as ships travel

tongues travel faster.

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