Telepathy Flowers For Curtis Jackson and Sun Ra

Bought two bottles of wine
for a man
thinking he can choose the one he likes.
I had never seen him drink.
He settled for beer,
a thumb in a glass,
a small sale, but still. I plied my trade.
I didn't bat an eye over the wine
working him down
slow through his options

I had never seen someone drink
so little and have such a good time.
A true conservationist
knows the value of the finish.
What kind of race does your drinkin' run you?
And what condition are you in when you get to the end?
And how does that reality measure against your ideal?
Passed out in a puddle of puke on your floor
or the reward of a sunrise tired but no hangover.

Don't think for one fucking minute
that I'm trying to bullshit you here.
This is truth of the universe stuff,
listen up and win a ride
through time and the cosmos
on a space ship with Sun Ra and his multi-colored mufti.
Yea, you'll play such music as was never heard
but he's gonna put you to work.
You don't know nothing about sweat yet is what I'm saying.

I've been through the program,
I'm doing it now,
putting in those long days,
getting up early
laying the framework
not even thinking about the money.

The end goal is a cosmic re-write
and a transformed world
where everyone has their lawn and their house
but we are all the Big Lebowski
so it totally works exactly right

for example when we write we all write and we just write all day
hunched over our notepads, fingers scrawling on air
and noone speaks or shares, or needs to,
we are already
it starts slow then whoa see
telepathy flowers

Put that on a t-shirt and give it away for free
abandon profit and I guarantee your business model will work.
Yea but how do I make money?
Honey, you're way behind.


Zoo zoo zoo zee zee zee
boo boo boom, be be be

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  1. Thanks Mike, Just wonderful