R A P 1: Language Rap

Butchered Switch is very proud indeed to introduce a new feature, raps!
Yes, raps. Brought fresh from the market every morning by MC Michael Cody alias MC Shadetree alias djmussolini, aka Big Momma aka Modest Blossoms, the Chopper.

What makes a poem different from a rap? Is a rap a poem? Possibly, it is all a question of intention. I intend to write a rap and it looks like a poem, but I believe it is still a rap. If you agree and see the possibility write me some beats.

Rap 1: Language

when words are used do you assume

that paper moves

tangibly as a disease or a retreat

obviously means words used seem true

but what about the document dips


does not really rip the document's

downside sways in front of me.

alter one while going on it later says

“The present seems true but listen—try not to?

Is he a single person it usually is

thinking about my implications

though I maintain with trangsressive sayings

writing to talk it

more comes out of where its taken

and the element comes to talk to whom

I read for to much to soon

even just saying

I’m not one context,

people realize with me the shit does have weight,

Capacity to feed leads to functions that did not exist,

do not belong, until the rhyme is re-printed

though needing to change

removing earnestness

don’t make sense–turn my head and we happen

is there obsession? what

we finally figured out how to count moments

regardless of what we thought was real was wrong

all we thought was real was wrong

with whatever seconds left listen—

the options invaded

the present

never really seems there or be real

or even has meaning—

see in a sense I just rip the document

alter the process

With one trangsressive saying

I in my writing read everything

in the nature of its times

alienate people because

how to leave


until relationships start to matter

You in the action, a virus that can be is printed

language shape paper learns for us,


we just percent the time


  1. OMG...now you're taking it to a whole new level...FUNNY...RJR