RAP 2: Don't Assume

The Raps Continue to Rain Down

Don’t assume I don’t consume just coz im nice to you.
my dandruff is enough to blaze
so high my verses rain down
the sky don’t turn light
its always night and clans fight
for resources
deny our return to the worms,
drinking the dirt reclaim a claim for the earth,
yea yea yea,
you heard this before Im sure
but still the absurd underlies that return
so don’t scorn words
even when possibly violently expiring
elevates the values of silence and stealth,
to be explicit which is it intention or inspirations
intervention from beyond The Beyond

The Grave carves a terrifying space,
sightless beasts grow like snow
in a globe, rap holds up the glass to our condition of Woe
now is this pretension or actual extension
of the mind outside its boundary line
titanic eruption, erection of monoliths by
mongoloid minds do not transcend time
they create a rhyme on the fly no style so wild as a childs
and no indignation less deserving than a white guys
to even begin answering why will consume a life-time
a historical inheritance of indolence and spoiled kids,
outlet for frustrations in obsession over
even simple concepts like honor or acceptance of squalor,
we don’t know
who did this
the hand that pulls the slip
is covered in shit
now and forever we stink of it.

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