Who is Michael Newton?

Who is Mike Newton, 1

The only thing that kinda freaked me out was
when I found out what he used to be, in that
he was a dorky younger brother with glasses that was in the science fair.
Definitely not very Mike Newton ish. Now
he doesn’t look like that at all. I think that is sooo weird.

He just looks like the type of guy who would be in a small town and a jock.

Exactly how I pictured Mike. He does look very lively, and like he has a golden retriever personality.

The Mike Newton that stepped out of my head. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw. I felt like I was having déjà vu.

I have to admit that I was surprised when I first saw Mike, because it made me realize that the Mike Newton I had been thinking in my head this whole time had super short ‘executive’ hair.

…He wanted to tear Mike Newton limb from limb for even looking at her. But, better yet, I think Carlisle understood.

I really like Mike Newton too. I think I would like him a lot more if he had more of a constant character.

Mike Newton was ticked they ate all of the mud pies.

Where did they go when they left?

Mike Newton could have held your hand while they were stitching you up.

…Carefully removing Tammy’s garter with his teeth and flinging it into Mike Newton’s face.

Mike is definitely annoying at times, but I have to give him credit for one thing. Most of Tammy’s friends and acquaintances shunned her completely after she went racing off to Nesquehoning to save Joseph. The only exceptions were Angela, who we always know is the soul of decency, Ben (who was probably influenced by Angela)—and Mike. That counts for something and makes him hard to really dislike.

Mike hasn’t done anything to be disliked, he’s just a normal guy. He was nice to Tammy. Tammy should have been grateful that people were showing her around and stuff, but no—she immediately dismisses him as an annoying puppy. He has a crush on Tammy—so what? Does that mean we should hate him? Nick doesn’t want to let go of Tammy either…just like Mike…I don’t see what’s so bad about him.

Mike is an interesting guy. Annoying, yes. Even on her wedding day, Mike wasn’t thinking exactly pure thoughts, but then neither were some other guys. Seeing him through Joseph’s eyes makes you want to crush him though. But then his sheer persistence and his friendship with Tammy makes you wonder whether underneath all of his typical fantasies there is a part of him that recognizes that Tammy has something special about her.

I don’t love Mike Newton, but I don’t have ill feelings towards him either. I mean from Tammy’s eyes, he seems like a loyal enough friend, sure he is like some lost puppy who follows you where you go, but it’s cute and funny to see someone like Mike crushing on Tammy. And it’s put her in some awkward yet funny moments when she has to turn him down haha. Now when you see Mike from Joseph’s point of view you can really start to hate him. All his crude and lusty thoughts, I mean I just adore jealous Joseph, but it doesn’t put Mike in a good light. But the thoughts of a man are generally crude and lustful, so I can’t blame him really. I just don’t know where Mike is with me, sometimes he cracks me up, other times I want to punch him in the face haha.

I agree. I believe the only purpose for Mike Newton (and Eric, and Tyler…) was to show that even though Tammy considered herself plain and ordinary, she was in fact quite attractive.


“Mike, you will die alone with your 23 cats.” Tammy said. He seems to take her seriously.
“Do I look like Alice?”
“Nevermind.” Tammy put Mike back on the ground and walked away.
“Come on Nessie,” said Tammy looking toward her.
“Okay,”  said Nessie, sounding exasperated.

We walked away all of us extremely annoyed.

Before we all turned to walk away, Nick turned around and picked up a rock. Then out of nowhere he chucked it at Mike’s head. Mike flew around and asked, ‘what the hell was that?”

“It was nothing.” Nick yelled.

And in the background Nessie was shouting, “Do it again, Nick! Do it again!”
“Alright.” Said Nick.
And threw another rock at Mike. “Do you know what it was now?”

Mike stormed off.

When we got home, Alice was waiting for us.

“Did you know that Tammy just saw Mike Newton playing with 23 cats?” she asked.

We stared at each other and started laughing.


Mike’s weird stalkerish much?

I wish Mike would have a near death experience and Joseph has to save him that would be amazing.

Mike Newton is a dork. He is soo annoying and won’t give up on Tammy. Even at her and Joseph’s wedding. I would literally die if I were Tammy and he asked me out every other freaking day.

It would be funnier if Tammy saved him from a near death experience because then after it, you know Mike would be like, “so Tammy, you wanna hang out with me?” right after it. Then Tammy would be like, “still married Mike, and I have a kid. Ok you’re safe now bye.”

Mike Newton annoys me. He is so…annoying. I’ve never thought it was possible for a guy to reach that level of infatuating. Honestly, his thoughts about Tammy, and that Joseph keeps telling people that he is having naughty thoughts of Tammy, are just a little disturbing. For me, at least. I guess you would say that it’s normal for someone to have these ‘thoughts’ still though shudder

I concur. Maybe it’s because I don’t want Tammy to end up with anyone other than Joseph, but Mike Newton never had a chance at winning Tammy. I’m not saying he isn’t a good guy, I’m just saying she would have recognized that she doesn’t feel about him that way. I think she would consider him only a friend no matter the circumstance.

I personally like Mike. He seems like a really nice guy. If Joseph or Nick never came along, Tammy might have given him a chance. But maybe Jessica would have gotten in the way somehow.

I think Mike never really got a chance to shine, and I think of that also, as a part of his character. He’s just a nice guy who had an innocent crush on Tammy. She, of course, loves Joseph. There’s nothing wrong with that, certainly, but poor Mike…

Even when he’s rejected, he’s willing to be her friend. He even goes along with it when Tammy sets him up with Jessica, even though I don’t think he’s ever loved Jess the way he does Tammy.

He’s that nice, if not particularly special or talented, guy whom I think a lot of people have met in their real lives.