Palin for Poet Laureate

Palin for Poet Laureate


to bath

her should

ermine oil

hibiscus scent

drenched today

today tomorrow today

“fuck tonguing, stick it in me”

this book was cooked.

flipped her shit.


yea, she flipped. fell out of her seat onto rocks.

Crazy. Shit. Talk.

she called me flat.


one-dimensional. personality wise. I flop. that simple.




terrible, terrible.

my my my my my

excuse my exercise

there are no words

can’t believe this

scribbled stage

directions here all wise

ways to breathe first, thought of


procrastinatorial stories that simmer literally.

the crickets tremble

“Burt Reynolds has two names as far as your concerned.‘Burt,’ and ‘Reynolds’ but said as one word. “The Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance.” In Deliverance Burt won’t knock it off and then see what happens. The Rape inherent in Romanticism, connecting us back to Miss Palin, who is our primary scholar on said subject.”

From whence came ?

Fussing, ice cream

sates the brood

but they grow


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