The Vivisected Untitled Animal Poem ?

We here at the Butchered Switch offices are proud to unveil the first in our newest regular feature--the Vivisection Operation. Switcher Andy Dieck of Brooklyn sent in this piece, which is a vivisected version of the recently dropped Untitled Animal Poem ? .  We find his lines vigorous and overall his choices have revealed new and suprising depths to the text. 

If you find yourself spurred to vivisect a poem please feel free to send it in to the offices by way of our email address found in the profile above. We eagerly await any submissions. 
               -Thank You, 

Enjoy. (Note: this post was guest edited by former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleisher.)

In the dawn in my boat, I go to cover
the sound of the dead
 women ripping each other off.
That song we sang until
we forgot it forgot us kiss.
his henchmen set up
camp in my yard
The pen I picked up
was different from the one
I put down.

Who keeps saying that?
the crow and the people
people lose all interest
you’re not a character, you are no depth,
Deux Machine all up on that string
drop the chorus in on tethers
the story goes like this, he doesn't get the girl.

 Years later the Bruce Willis's roll up,
to get filled in on the backstory.
pull the sheet off its cage. It looks like a vulture,
hunched over a game of solitare. Smoking,
the parrot soliloquizes the explanations.
this function is its cage.

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