Untitled Animal Poem?

"The mind is exactly this tree that bush
without thought or feeling both disappear"


The pen I picked up
was different from the one
I put down

the crow and his henchmen set up
camp in my yard

get out of your way  cries the parrot

bah cries the goat

people lose all interest

and in the dawn I go in my boat

I don't know how to use

that song we sang until
we forgot
to cover
the sound of the dead
 women ripping each other off

they're quite comfortable there

I saw your wife go
in the dawn in my boat

the song  forgot us kiss
off kiss off cries the parrot

quick read the headlines lining its cage,

to get filled in on the backstory
pull the sheet off its cage

the parrot soliloquizes the explanations
this function is its cage.

your not a character, you are no depth,
Deux Machine all up on that string
drop the chorus in on tethers
the story goes like this, he doesn't get the girl.
 Years later the Bruce Willis's roll up,

a parrot and a goat,
the crow and the people

The dawn in my boat, I go.

Who keeps saying that? Is it that parrot?

Catch it mid-day and it looks like a vulture,
hunched over a game of solitare. Smoking.
Turning the screw.

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