This short post is meant to highlight two facts about Zombies.

1.) The zombie is a hopelessly confused animal. No longer totally human, no precedent for what it has become. Zombies are new animals. Eating humans and turning humans into zombies, these are its functions. Hunting in packs and extreme aggression are two features, which make this quite an efficient new species.

Since we don’t know much about them, it being incredibly difficult to collect field data, we must assume that zombies do not procreate. The only way new zombies are created is through the bite. For zombies, the bite is equivalent to coitus. It fertilizes the zombie seed through the blood of the bitten victim.

Not all victims of zombie attack become zombies, some of them are completely eaten and just die. Only those victim’s who somehow manage to repel a zombie attack, yet are still bitten, become zombies. Quite simply, natural selection works so that only strong specimens are added to the insane mass of the zombie mob.

The zombie combines enemy destruction, feeding and procreation in its bite. These combination's are at the root of the zombies disorienting, meta-physical and spiritual confusion, which is why they are so prone to run and scavenge aimless and wild. When a zombie sees a human it runs toward it. We may presume that until it gets there, it does not know which of its urges to satisfy.

2.) Zombies do not eat other zombies.
Have you ever seen a zombie eat another zombie? No. They only eat humans. A zombie isn’t a cannibal. A human would probably consider it to be one, but zombies don’t think of themselves that way.


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