Children Poem II

This poem is the second part of the children poem, the first of which appeared a little while ago. This poem is more confused, we have grown some, we are going to a really big party.

At parties I often get the sense of the whole party as a unit, as all the individual's have somehow come together, have become one by virtue of their similar goal, which is partying. Sometimes this is debauched, sometimes exciting, sometimes frightening. We are firmly in the territory where the people we were are creating the people we will become, without ever having solved the problem's and riddles of the personality, which seemed so important to do before moving forward. But hey, let's try to have a good time tonight.

II. Party Body


in the car

on our way

we feel each other

forget and reform

youth and memory

sorrow’s dim feelings


“this party gonna rock.”

“fuck yea brother.”

cinders blow

out the barrel

to flutter down

onto Bingo’s jeans ooch

ooch drinking jungle juice

music wafts from orifice

shapes merge

into the woods

come back glowin

the party forms a hybrid body.

dumb and blind

it bounds the ridge,

a dance a leap

to catch the moon and drink the wind


sends us scattered

this way that, to and fro

why am I crying, where do we go

here, open your mind

open the box,

sniff these poppers,

huff this duster

get fingered

in the mud

and sleep

and arise

and ye are clean


(to be continued)

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