No stalgia #1

 Driving down the high spine of the little world,
world that curves still the focus
made body in the proximity of
possible doings never come to pass
an ache that race
that race to where

s lost so palpable lush vegetation
attitude that serves that severs
unity to a value reduction a
value to be extracted, only value

in the use, the passing the taking of
the motion like
not important the quiet town
carpel tunnel stance and quiet rendering thereof leaves
 manifestly apparent
not going to happen not ever
never happen leaves a spacethe leaving
only bare/vision
the weight of town little and dirty
wintered and bare lots of
mega stores have cropped all other commerce
Can’t / doesn’t anyone see the ring of over
Walking through streets
in the night trying
to conjure or find
fading unanswered
asking of our question are we 

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