Interrogation pt.2

This piece, a companion to Interrogation, was compiled using a method I quite like, whereby a previous work has chunks of text (no longer than a line) randomly moved around and mixed up, over and over. After the blending, harsh edits are made, and a pared-down, 'new' poem emerges. Previous Butchered Switch poems employing this method include H O W L and Mynifesto. Enjoy!

Interrogation II

Here is how the world ends,
everything  speaks:
The deform tree,
the angels,
that secret  home.

The touch burns our focus
Taste that man-specter
whom defect works to speak to.

But where’s the home?
Maybe in ‘stone.’
A personal rune:
the stone wafts poetry.

Error my poetry.
Tree: the empty form.

Revolve upon us
we keep sucking.

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