Serial poem: Sad America pt. 2

The strange hatred for the salesman stems
The pliant stems
from rivers

Did plants ever really understand the salesmen?
The salesmen did not understand plants, that’s for sure.
Old earth biddy flinched, brought the heat
Ice compacted the population
But where it was hot was all desert
Rocking, picking dead skin off her big toe,
Sitting at the crossroads.
Then a lonesome guitar realization sissy
Spacek terrence malik affair, bad lands
Bad Lands sheen of stones in a wind
But this was not losing. ‘Plants’ had it planned out,
Super long-term goals, out schemed the schemers as I said.
But I don’t know nothing nor
can sympathize with the plants
about that…

you know
you have ants
when your house’s radon test comes up positive.
They hide it
In your wall and yor roof
And your floors board
radon bits in their shit.
They eat batteries. They eat poison trash. 
That’s their diet. Diffuse the effects through their hive soul.
And eventually they will consume the house
With help
from carpenter bees and worms and termites.
Ants have as much bio-mass on this planet as humans. I’m just saying.
What if the earth has already begun to rebel against us,
secreting oil, jelly-fish, and slime?
Planetary Age
very different scale
billions of years, and even that’s just stupid

My voice is not human.

Your not
like the others,
we like the same things.

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