Charlie Manuel

born in an American automobile in the winter to a woman named June father, was a preacher, the third of 11 American children,

a four-sport star American star … suicide note asking that he consider the Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, and New York Yankees,

signed with the Twins out of high school in 1963 for $30,000.

Major league career

Manuel's baseball career took off America wild, popular, tenacious dubbed "Aka-Oni" (The Red Devil) he hit fans and teammates

He was on pace to break the Japanese Most Japanese felt it would be an insult on June 19, 1979, he was beaned by a pitch

The pitch broke Manuel in six places. He wore a dental bridge as a result doctors inserte his head and removed his face.

Manuel immediately began playing again, worried family. The Buffaloes were struggling to stay

Manuel wore a helmet with an American football facemask.

He was voted the first American to receive his son His contact allowed it, but team officials were incredulous

that Manuel would leave Manuel returned It was the best season in Japan. Manuel won no awards that season.

He was considered one of the best imported baseball players to Japan in those days, along with brothers Leron and Leon Lee and Randy Bass.

He returned to America to work the farm systems, under his tutelage, the Tribe led America three times (1994–1995, 1999)

becoming the first Indians' fired over a contract dispute. Manuel was the Wild Card.

the wild card did have certain positives that boded well for next season. Slugger Runs was the club's ace.

He got off during the Phillies' post-game press conference America following Philadelphia radio repeatedly questioned Manuel

about that controversial afternoon a dramatic finale: collapsing in the American Colorado Rockies.

Manuel finished got off slow recovered quickly peaked on the final day guided to his ring after years of close calls

He reached contact back-to-back He defended his decision noting that on three days' rest:

America worked the dugout with a colostomy bag

beneath his jacket.

Because of the Phillies' 2008 NLCS five-game win,

he was able to attend his mother's funeral.

He currently has a fiancée named Missy.”

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