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Sometimes when tripping it happens that we begin to think about the dirty aspects of life. I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in America it is especially easy to think dirty. There's so much of it around us, I don't need to make a list.

The grody has a way of merging with the divine through the common meeting point of our souls. It remains what it is but it becomes more. Similarly, our souls are changed(?) when they experience the grody. And when tripping, the whole thing enters a crazy spiral in which madness and sanity fight for space on the stage of our tongues. This poem was written in a frame of mind which combines these thoughts with a rigorous schedule of hard physical labor and mounting debt. Enjoy.


corn pops, cheese wiz aluminum Walmart trip.

American Women, thesis topic:

magazines combine
The sad and saintly.
The nature of This
critique rises then fades again sad.
This is a person. Idea of
Girl And Woman Switching Body, thesis topic,

Freaky Friday.
Something happens,
the behaviors rupture—
Oblivion, Layers
Washing the fabric
Watching the smoke rise and enfold itself.
Tomorrow approaches
this way
of humans.

Reactions and perception’s vary,
And with them the story,
the body is nicer when high
To always think this way, that is how we think
There is nothing but ease

Practice pays off, and what does
pass or does not,
And in what form, the coda, but the key?
“To recreate this sober.”
A fools mission, the cause of another iteration.
This realization is the sum of all my work.

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