Poem: Probelem

This poem is a free-write. It is concerned with something I think we have all felt, which is an involuntary(?) memory that comes and we wish it hadn't. Memories that remind us of something, some aspect of ourselves and our lives of which we are not proud. Such memories are striking. They remind us of our attempts to create a narrative for our lives. They remind us that these narratives are much larger than what we would imagine or wish. They are painful but somehow beautiful. Beautiful with the ring of truth. Geez, this is a real earnest one.


the tone wasn’t funny last time either

penetrating, quickly forgotten:

the failure.


of shame that stops sleep

stops memory

roaming in the wilds

a course we can’t fathom

groping to touch

the forbidden

hiding in the dirt

pushing the pin

to poke out the eye

the whole month was a failure

the mountain wouldn’t grow

the room wouldn’t walk

the milk soured each time it was poured

and there were whole forgotten novels

of intentions and perceptions

aborted with the rain

nearing catastrophe

beyond making the scene

some airplane keeps circling

water stops draining

animal without form

pacing the bed of reason

a beautiful photograph of shame

the last stand of earnest feeling

don’t you understand?

Kid, nobody asked

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